Introducing Mention Tracker

    Published November 30th, 2019

    We are pleased to announce the availability of a new tool we call "Mention Tracker," but how exactly does it work?
    So, with our normal search, which you can access above, you can search for polls that contain a particular term or group of terms, and filter the results by a variety of criteria.  This only gives you a list of polls, however.  
    Mention Tracker allows you to search any term, and get the results broken down by demographic or view trends over time, helping you to focus your marketing efforts.  You can access a list of polls, a list of voter comments, and an aggregate summary of both.
    An example use case of Mention Tracker might be a startup who wants to determine when people started talking about their company and where the geographic hot spots are. The startup could then post ads, right on this site or elsewhere, targeting geographic areas beyond those hot spots at no cost.
    Another example might be one in which an investment firm is scouting burgeoning startups.  Suppose they initially search for "drones" but repeatedly see the name "Bob's Drones" pop up.  They could then search "Bob's Drones" explicitly and dive deeper.
    Since this feature was developed with marketers in mind, we're offering it to all brand accounts at no additional cost.  You can access it in your profile, on the left side, where it says "Mention Tracker."  We look forward to hearing your feedback on this feature to help us improve it, and we hope you find it useful.
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