Select an account type

    A free individual account is a great choice for the typical user.  Individuals can be both vote and poll for free.  An individual can only open one of these accounts.
    A brand account is designed for entities that want to poll the general public either anonymously (opaquely) or transparently, and/or post ads. Brands, being allowed to comprise multiple individuals, cannot vote.

    Key features
    • Demographic breakdown of poll results
    • Voting trends over time
    • Free charts
    • Free access to members' demographics and anonymized voting histories
    • Anonymous for voters and pollsters (optional for brand accounts)
    • Demographic and history of pollsters are public
    • Auto-expiring polls
    • Personally identifiable member data are never sold
    • Members can see exactly what data are collected

    Feature Individual Brand
    Can poll?
    Can vote?
    Can access charts?
    Can share graphs on other websites?
    Can vote anonymously? N/A
    Can poll anonymously?
    Polling anonymity optional?
    Profile image is publicly visible?
    Polls can have images?
    Access to real-time keyword analysis?
    Can skip ads?
    Can post ads?
    Multiple accounts of the same type allowed?
    Can have polls featured?
    Daily poll limit? 20 100
    Cost? FREE $6.99 per month
    Starburst Open individual account Starburst Open brand account