About Pollapse®

    Pollapse is service designed to make polling of society easy without sacrificing power.  We noticed that answers on other Q&A sites frequently lacked demographic data unless pollsters explicitly requested it from respondents, the respondents posted photos, or the respondents otherwise disclosed their demographic.  On the other end of the spectrum, there are surveying websites, but we felt that those are overkill for most people.  (Sometimes you just want a quick answer.)  Because demographic information is built into our system, casual pollsters don't have to dive through the microdata to grab it.  Of course, our service has the added benefit of being free for individuals.
    Our service also supports brands. Now, because these entities usually represent collectives, they are not intended to vote, however, their members may vote through their own individual accounts. While individual accounts always remain anonymous, brands have the option of exposing their brand's name or remaining anonymous when polling, just like what would happen elsewhere. Because members voluntarily provide us their demographic data and guests can be geo-located, brands may also post ads and get an idea of who's engaging them. They can even view the anonymized activity of registered members engaging with ads to spot trends in interests, for example. Unlike other sites, instead of paying for each advertising spot individually, with us, brands pay a flat monthly subscription fee and can have up to six spots in circulation at the same time, swapping them out when the need arises. A brand membership also blocks ads on our site for the account holder. These features are just the start and we have more on our roadmap.
    More information about us can be found in our FAQ. If you have any other questions or comments, you can get in touch with our contact form.

    About Idealify®

    Idealify is the parent company of Pollapse, our flagship service.  We are a US-based software publisher specializing in the production of software for PCs, the Web, and gradually mobile.  Our present focus is the budget-conscious market, namely social media and content creation.  We look forward to sharing our plans for expansion as soon as we can.